Dos and Don'ts - Don't #3

Don't #3 - Don't pressure the prospect into buying

Have you ever been through this experience? You are thinking about buying something and the sales person starts pressuring you. Uncomfortable, isn't it?

For some reason there are salespeople and sales managers who think it is a good idea to apply pressure - urgency - during the sales process. But, the truth is this - people buy when they are ready. For whatever reason, they buy on their own schedule. Pressuring them only pushes them in the other direction.

When you respect your product, your prospect, and yourself, you will handle the entire process with grace and style. Salespeople apply pressure when they think they are about to lose a deal. Guess what? If you are doing your job right from the beginning, you will not have a reason to apply any pressure.

Lesson #3 - Respect the process

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