Dos and Don'ts - Do #2

Do #2 - Do target market

Some people believe that they want to and should do business with everyone. So they blanket their environment and try to market to everyone. There are a couple of problems with this.

The first problem is that you really don't want to do business with everyone. Some people are difficult and unpleasant. You should leave them to your competition!

The second problem is that marketing that is too wide and far reaching is too hard to manage effectively. It is better to target your market.

Your product/service best suits particular people/companies. If you have a client base you can use it to narrow that field. If not, give a lot of thought to the problem your product/service solves. That will lead you to who needs it. If there is more than one pool of possible clients, pick one.

Then direct your marketing to THAT pool. This will help you stay on task. Your message will be consistent and focused. You'll do more with less because your field will be narrower. Once you've established a foothold in that market you can always shift to a different market and start the process there.

The lesson here is focus and consistency will move you farther faster.

Do #3 is comin'!

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