Dos and Don'ts - Do #1

Happily now we are on to the Dos!

Do #1 - plan and execute with a positive outlook.

This may seem obvious but, a lot of people plan without executing; many people execute without planning; and too many people do things without a positive outlook.

I'm here to tell you that you can't be successful unless you 'Do' #1.

So, create a plan. This is a sales plan. It's the steps you're going to go thru to close deals. Start with defining your value as this will help you determine your target market. Then establish the steps you will use to develop relationships with people/companies in that market. Then you must execute your plan.

If you aren't going to be positive you won't be terribly motivated. So, above all else, keep a positive outlook. Believe in your product or service, believe in yourself and your company, believe that you sell something that is of value to others. This belief system will help you keep moving forward.

The lesson here is - believe in what you do and the value it brings to others. If you can't, you're probably doing the wrong thing.

Come back for Do #2.

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