Design Your Marketing Around Your Value

In this interactive workshop we explore the actual value of your product or service – from your client’s point of view.

Together we:
Ø Acknowledge the item – what is IT?
Ø Define the value – what problem does it solve for your clients?
Ø Let go of our perceptions of value and embrace value from the other side of the table – how does the client/prospect see it’s value?
Ø Create a marketing message around that value – How can you speak to THAT viewpoint?

Each participant will leave with a better understanding of why people want their product or service as well as the foundation of a marketing message

Schedule: January 20, 2009 at 11:00 am EST
Time: 1.5 hour teleconference via bridgeline
Details provided upon registration
Participation: 5-12 participants
Cost: $39.00 per attendee

Discover the true value of your product or service!

Register TODAY at Http:// for this dynamic program

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