Sales Pitch

On Tuesday, November 4th elections will be held in the United States. We will be voting for president as well as congress and senate seats. When we look back over the past two years - yes, it's taken two years to sell us on te candidates and issues - the campaigning has been similar to sales pitching.

Those candidates who spent their time badmouthing their opponents instead of saying what they will or won't do are the ones whose messages failed. Regardless of who you plan to vote for, ask yourself this question - did they tell you what they stood for? Did they tell you what they plan to do to further our nation?

Politics is sales - if you sell your product (candidate) effectively you'll get the votes to win. If you spend your time talking about your opponent, chances are you will only upset people. You won't sell your value.

The business of political campaigning really is sales. Hopefully your chosen candidates have sold their value to you - as opposed to undermining their opponent. Think about it.


Chanakya said...


Good thoughts. You can see the value of your post in the results!

I like the way Bill Clinton captured people's imagination when he talked about how new interconnected world has emerged. Others did not have a view point!


Diane said...

Thanks for your input. You can see how when the message is delivered consistently, clearly, and with energy - it resonates.