Fields of Passion

On Thursday morning Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies fame spoke at the COSE Small Business Conference. She said a number of things that stuck with me. I'd like to share them here.

Do what you love. HAVE A PASSION FOR IT!

True wealth is found in true friends, family and loving what you do.

The greatest failure is not trying.

Be a problem solver. This was said by way of the examples she gave regarding how she built her business. She didn't let anything stop her.

Sell an experience. She never saw herself as being in the cookie business. She was in the Feel Good Feeling business.

Take your product or service to the extreme because if you don't your competition will.

Set expectations at the beginning.


Chanakya said...

Great messages. Without passion, I have seen many people who give up what they do. It's just a matter of time.

If you are passionate - something that you think YOU want to do it - then you will persist. That is part of the DNA of an entrepreneur.


Diane said...

Passion really is the beginning and the driving force.

Thank you for your input.