Don't Talk Me Out Of It

Ever sit with a salesperson who gave you reasons NOT to do business with them? Or how about one who spent all their time bad-rapping their competition?

Well, for you salespeople out there - don't be a politician. Just tell me how your product or service will help me. This only after you have asked and listened so you can direct your solution to my specific issue.

Don't tell me things that might turn me away. I was sitting with a young, new salesperson the other day and he began by telling me reasons why I might not want to work with him. Now, in all fairness, he thought he was going to present and negate obstacles. Terribly dangerous. He brought up things I WASN'T thinking. And that is the danger of using this approach. Don't give your prospect reasons for NOT doing business with you.

As for speaking negatively about your competition - don't do it. People would much rather hear what makes you the company or person of choice. Speaking negatively about someone else is bad manners and sheds a negative light on you - NOT them.

So please take this to heart. Stand on your own - provided your product or service is worthy. Ask questions, listen and address the concerns. That's it. Much better.

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Beth Leipold said...

I stumbled onto your website and blog after I tried to call you today to introduce myself. We (evosolutions LLC) are also presenting at the COSE SBC, so I was calling to say hello. I look forward to meeting you, and hearing more about your business. I am new to the blogsphere, but I enjoyed your writings and words of wisdom.
Beth Leipold - Business Development Advisor - evosolutions LLC