The other day I had the opportunity to purchase dinner at a new carryout place in town. When I walked in to pick up my order, the staff was so pleasant! They were not only happy to see me, they were grateful for my business. Enthusiastically!

They understand (intuitively) that the customer signs their paycheck. They want to be successful and truly appreciate every client - no matter what you buy.

They were genuine, professional, and pleasant people. It was my pleasure to shop there - and it was only hotdogs! It wasn't as if they were selling the latest and greatest thing on the market. Nope, just hotdogs.

But they sell them with the energy, enthusiasm, and appreciation of the CEO of any Fortune 100 company.

Now that's the way to sell!

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Custom Jeweler said...

Janusz absolutely loves what he does- and it shows! When he finishes a piece of custom jewelry, and the customer is so happy- that is almost as good as getting paid for him. When I first met Janusz, he told me that he loved what he did AND he got paid for it. What a turn on. A little more than four years later- three years at our custom jewelry design studio, Jjanusz Custom Jewelry Design, and his customers really know that he loves his work. We have even been invited to our customer's weddings, had people come back even though the trip is several hundred miles, and been made honorary "family members". Yes, it is true- when your customers really know- and can feel that you are sincerely involved with their desires, and thankful for their business, this works!