One Stop Shop

It may seem like a good idea to offer as many services and products as you can. But be careful. Not only can it be overwhelming when first starting out, but it can make it difficult for others to land on exactly what it is you do.

Usually when a newer business owner decides to offer a menu of things it only ends up creating confusion. It's as if they have a fear that they'll miss out on a piece of business if they don't offer everything. In reality what happens is that they talk so much the other person gets lost in the details.

Another problem with this approach is that it makes it hard for them to land on who their target market is. And you NEED to have a target market.

So start out simple. Pick the thing you do best, craft your marketing message, define your target market, and set out to gain those clients.

In the future you can always add items - one at a time. And once you've penetrated the market. You'll find it an easier process and more profitable.

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