This Is The Plan

I had the honor of hearing Michael Gerber of 'EMyth' fame speak this week. With a great sense of humor, he is an engaging speaker. What struck me was his emphasis on - this is the plan, work it, work it, work it.

So simple, yet soooo difficult! We tend to let our days run us instead of the other way around. Now you may not think that you want to work someone else's system. Okay. Come up with your own - and WORK IT, WORK IT, WORK IT!

In the same presentation, Sheila Stewart spoke about head trash. What a great way of describing the voices we keep in our heads! The problem is that many of those voices are negative; doomsayers. If you want to keep moving forward, take Sheila's advice and throw them in the garbage where they belong.

Valuable advice from a couple of success leaders.

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