An Eye For Customer Service

I wish to share an outstanding experience I've had getting my eyes checked and new glasses. Judi Mileti, owner of Distinctive Eyewear in North Royalton exemplifies the best in customer service.

What a great time I had! Now come on, we all know that going to the eye doctor and needing glasses is not on the top of most of our lists! But, if you want to actually enjoy the experience - and get a pair of glasses that truly compliment your face - I encourage you to pay them a visit.

You see, it's not just Judy - I'll get to her in a minute. It's everyone. The examiner was professional, quick, and has the most elegant way of putting drops in your eyes that I've ever seen. I am usually a tough customer, but had no problem with the process. Whoever answers the phone is pleasant and polite. You just know that no matter who you deal with, you are going to be dealt with well.

Now to Judy. This is a woman who not only loves what she does - but is masterful at it. Maybe that's because she DOES love it. She puts real energy in appreciating your features and then hunting for possibilities. With the 'maybe' pile and the 'no' pile, she takes you down a path to the appropriate glasses. And she'll keep searching until you find what you want. Part of the success of this effort is the variety to choose from.

Judy understands that it isn't just the sale today - it's the referral tomorrow.

I was so impressed with my experience that I brought my husband there. He's really a tough customer and yet, he found it easy and comprehensive. He's actually looking forward to getting his glasses.

I don't usually market for other companies, but I am going to provide the contact information for Distinctive Eyewear here. If you need glasses, or know someone who does, I encourage you to try them out. I KNOW you'll be pleased.

Distinctive Eyewear
5690 Wallings Road
North Royalton, Ohio 44133

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