The Real Magic

My family and I just spent a week in Disney World. What an amazing place. the organization and structure is truly remarkable.

Everywhere you go you see signs that say 'cast members only'. And then it hit me - the magic is this: every employee is a cast member.

Imagine going to work and instead of being an employee, a cog in the wheel, you were playing the part of that employee. No wonder everyone there is helpful, happy, and informed. They are all just playing the part - the part of the concierge, the bus driver, the bell hop, the waiter, etc.

I really think they must be on to something!


Business Coach Cheryl said...

You've just demonstrated another thing Disney does better than all the rest...Word-of-mouth marketing.

All businesses can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing, however, few know how to really make it work for them.


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