Are You A Problem Sitter?

Some people are problem solvers while others are problem sitters - which are you? When faced with an issue, what do you do? Do you evaluate the situation and devise various possible solutions, or do you sit and dwell on it without resolution.

Problem solvers are unique individuals. They see opportunity in every situation. Problems ignite their interest. I've pondered this and have figured out that these people believe in resolution. They aren't stymied by bumps. They merely evaluate the bump and how to get over it - then over it they go.

Problem sitters become paralyzed by the situation and can't see their way out of it. I have a sneaking suspicion that they don't believe they can solve the problem so they don't try. They end up wallowing in it, like a truck stuck in the mud. Wheels spinning, mud flying; but no traction or progress.

These individuals can become problem solvers by doing one seemingly simple thing - trying. If they move their focus - telescope out - they can see it from all sides. Then calmly take an objective look at it. Maybe they should even solicit the assistance of others the first couple of times until they get used to the process.

Anyone can be a problem solver. It's a choice. So ask yourself - am I a sitter or a solver? If your answer is sitter, move to the other side of the table!

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