At This Time Of Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Some thoughts on the subject below.


The Gratitude of Vultures

They stand on the beach; 150 or so. Wings at their sides, still and straight, facing the rising sun. There is no sound save the music of the wind through the leaves. Every day they gather; at this same spot.

Happening upon them, you may ask yourself – ‘What are they doing?’

Could they be warming their wings in the morning sun? Or maybe, just maybe, they’re paying homage to the universe for the gift of another glorious day. What a spectacular thought – taking time each morning to thank the universe.

Do you ever take the time to feel real gratitude? Do you ever count your blessings? How do you think your life would be if you started living a life of gratitude?

So many of us spend our time counting our problems that we lose sight of our blessings. I have a teacher who tells us ‘what you focus on expands.’ When you focus on your disappointments, they expand. When you count your blessings, they expand.

When you live a life of gratitude, you have a better grasp of what truly matters. It keeps you grounded with perspective.

My mother used to tell me ‘the sun rising in the morning is reason enough to be alive.’ Powerful words.

Take a moment now and make a mental list of all the wonders the universe has set at your table. Did you include the sunrise, the stars at night, flowers, the love of someone you cherish, friendship, skill, courage, faith, . . .?

My grandmother used to say that life is long and full of wonder. We are surrounded by miraculous, wondrous blessings and opportunities.

Do yourself a favor. Starting today, begin and end each day counting your blessings. Think beyond the basic and obvious. In addition, make sure you say thank you – sincerely – whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I imagine you’ll find that the gratitude you send out will be returned to you many times over.

Copyright© 2006 Diane Helbig

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