Why Should They?

Why should someone buy from you? Why would they give you the time of day?

Many salespeople take a passive track when prospecting and then wonder why the prospect isn't interested. Here's a clue - because you aren't interested.

At the prospecting stage of the sales cycle, it is more important to YOU to do business with them than it is to them. Part of this process is expressing that interest without appearing pushy or aggressive.

Here are some do's and don'ts to follow:
Do - contact the prospect. Via phone or intro letter.
Do Not - email them initially. Email is passive. It's easy, comfortable, and shows little to no interest on your part in winning THAT prospect's business.
Do - follow up in a timely fashion.
Do Not - wait more than a week to follow up.
Do - follow up via phone
Do Not - follow up via email.

Email should not really be used until one of two things have occured. 1. The prospect has been impossible to contact via phone. Then you can try email. 2. You have made contact with the prospect and they have requested further follow up via email.

Remember, you want them to know that you want THEIR business. When you communicate via email, and are lax about following up, you send a message that you are just looking for any business; that theirs is not valuable or important. Well, people want to feel important. They want to know that it's THEIR business you really want.

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