Prescription For Fear

Are you afraid to cold call? Afraid to walk into a room full of people? Afraid to make a sales call? Afraid to follow up? Afraid to close the sale?

Well, you're not alone. These are the fears that prevent most salespeople from realizing real success. The remedy? ACTION. That's right, folks. Taking action is the best way to eliminate fear.

And the great thing about action is that you don't have to be committed to it, you simply have to do it. So, if you are afraid of cold calling, try to figure out a less scary way of doing it. Write an intro letter and then follow up with a phone call. Afraid of calling? Just decide to make one call and dial the phone. Do yourself a favor and have what you are going to say already mapped out - maybe even written down in front of you. Once you've made one call, you'll realize it's not so bad. Then make the next one.

Action. Afraid to follow up? Decide to follow up for a half hour just one day. Then do it. You'll be amazed at not only how much better you feel getting it done, but also how easy it actually was.

Remember, the worst thing that's going to happen is the person on the receiving end isn't going to want what you have to offer. So what? It's not a personal indictment - they don't know YOU. Odds are, you wouldn't enjoy doing business with them anyway.

So, give it a shot. Make a move. Take action!

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