Truly An Inspiration

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Bob Shearer of Shearer's Snack Foods speak. He told us about his company, it's history and and his underlying philosophy. What struck me was his three Rs. They are:
1. Respect for individuals. Here he meant his employees. He has implemented some outstanding policies to make sure that his employees are successful individuals, on and off the job.

2. Respect for your customers. They listen to their customers - their likes and dislikes. They've developed some interesting products over the years that they would never have thought of on their own.

3. Respect for your community. They set up a tremendous fundraising program that they all participate in. Mr. Shearer is involved in trade associations that directly relate to his business. They are concerned with the environment where their plants are, so their decisions are based in that respect.

On top of it all, you could tell by the way he spoke that he was completely sincere. This belief system came directly from within him. That's why he's so successful.

I learned a lot at that lunch. It was well worth the price of admission.

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