Teamwork Is Everything

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching the Cleveland Cavaliers win the Eastern Division Basketball Championship. What was so interesting about the series was how they pulled it off.

They went into the series with the Detroit Pistons as underdogs. No one thought they could win a game, even with LeBron James. And they lost the first two. But then they came together as a team and worked magic!

In their third win, LeBron James was truly unbelievable. He came out in the fourth quarter and dominated. After two overtimes, the Cavaliers had won the game - thanks to LeBron's 41 points. So, you say, he's a superstar like Michael Jordan.

The difference appeared in their fourth win. They proved that they were a winning TEAM, not just a team with a winning player. LeBron knew he was going to be double and triple teamed. So, he made sure the rest of the players knew they could pull out a win. And they did - with a rookie leading the way.

Tonight they enter the Championship against the San Antonio Spurs. Everyone believes that the Cavaliers can win the World Championship. Because they are a team - in the best sense of the word.

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