Be A Collaborator

How do you see your relationship with your clients? your coworkers?

How we look at those relationships has everything to do with how we behave. If you don't see yourself in partnership with your clients, you've created a separation between you and them. This separation can be deadly.

Conversely, if you see yourself in partnership with your prospects and clients, your language will reflect that and they will respond. We all know that people don't like to be sold to. What they want is solutions to their problems. If you see yourself as someone who is going to partner with your prospect to help them solve a problem, they'll respond well. The same is true for your current clients. When you are a partner, you have their best interest in mind and are there to help them - even when it means finding a solution from someone else for that client.

The best business relationships that last the longest are those built on collaboration. So, position yourself as a collaborator today!

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