Your Customer's Needs, Wants, Desires

The other day I was talking with a business development manager of a local community bank. There is a big difference between big banks and local community banks. The difference is focus. Community banks cater to their customers' needs. They understand that they are building relationships. The big banks are interested in presenting their products and services.

I have my business accounts at a community bank because the relationship I've been building with them is irreplaceable. They get to know you as the customer and work with you - based on your needs; not theirs. If a product isn't right for you, they'll tell you.

That level of customer service is fabulous. And it's not just in banking. Every business should be focused on their customer's needs, wants and desires - not on pushing their latest and greatest products. When you know what your customer wants, and you have a product or service that can meet their need, it's a great match. It is always driven by the client's agenda - not yours.

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