Focus on Follow Up

My most recent newsletter was about the value of follow up. One of my subscribers called me and said that this was an area he had real trouble with. My response to him was that most people do.

He told me something interesting - that it's at the follow up where you experience rejection. Aha! Exactly so. And it's this idea that trips up most people. The fear of rejection preventions them from making that call.

Why not look at it another way? You see, they aren't rejecting you. They don't know you! They simply believe they have no need for your product or service. So what? There are plenty of people who will. BUT YOU'LL NEVER FIND THEM IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW UP!

When I went into sales, my father (an expert salesman) told me that it takes 10 nos to get a yes. So, he said, when someone says no, thank them with a smile in your voice and move on - you are now that much closer to a yes. Sage advice.

The advice I would add to that is this - get your ego out of it. It's not about you, but all about them - their needs, wants and desires.

I believe you are missing out on golden opportunities when you allow fear to keep you from following up. You are also sending the message to those actual potential clients that you don't want their business. Is that really the message you want out there?

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