Create a New Normal

It's been a while since I last posted. So much has been going on. I'd like to address the recent Virginia Tech tragedy. I heard on the news someone say something about returning to normal.

After my father died, I was talking to a friend of mine about a tradition my husband, children and I had of taking a family picture on Halloween to use as a holiday card. It was always a great thing. Well, then my father died the day after Halloween. As the next Halloween approached, I knew the last thing I was going to want to do is smile for the camera. Here are the profound words my friend said - you create a new normal. You take the things that you want from before your father's death, and keep them. Then you add in new traditions. Things will never be normal as you knew it. You have to create a new normal.

That changed my life. I easily let go of the worry over the holiday card, and resigned myself to the idea that we wouldn't have one that year. And then I came home to find my dog dressed up in a flowery - well - housecoat! I knew I had my holiday card after all - my new holiday card tradition.

So for those grieving children, friends and families of the VT tragedy, I would like to extend my friend's beautiful words and tell you that it's okay to create a new normal. It's what the victims would want.

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