The Sale Is Yours

Have you ever gotten a sales letter in the mail where the salesperson says something like 'If you'd like to learn more about --- give me a call.'? Do you call them? Are you kidding? I pitch those letters. Why? Because I know that salesperson is not really interested in working with me.

The sale is yours to pursue and get. This means that you have to go after it - actively. If you leave it up to the prospect, chances are you'll come up empty. Prospects want to know that you are truly interested in doing business with them - helping them solve a problem. When you leave it up to them to contact you, you're telling them two things:

1. You don't really believe you have something they should want or need.
2. You don't really care whether you do business with them or not. You've probably sent out hundreds of letters with the hope that 1 or 2 people will call you. For you, it's not about quality, or long-term relationships.

An intro sales letter should be short, with bullet points regarding the prospect's pain. At the end there should be a statement about how YOU will be following up with them; that you'll call to secure an appointment. Now you're saying that you know what they're going through, that you have a solution, and that you'll pursue the appointment.

Now, the sale is yours.

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