Customer Service Matters

I'd like to share an experience I had yesterday. I had received a coupon for my grocery store at a local tradeshow over the weekend. When I went to use it yesterday, I was told it was no good because it hadn't been stamped. I wasn't real thrilled and because I was tired and edgy, that came across to the checkout lady.

She had a choice - she could have done nothing, or copped an attitude with me, or tried to fix it. Well, she chose to try to fix the situation. She called a manager, explained the situation and asked if she could honor the coupon. She got the okay. I was very grateful. I thanked her - but moreso, I wrote a letter to her manager commending her on her customer service.

She didn't have to go the 'extra mile.' She could have left it where it was. But she understands the value of happy customers. When I thanked her she said, 'it didn't hurt to at least ask the question.' And she is SO right. It doesn't hurt to try to make something better.

They say that people will tell a bad story more often than a good one. That's one of the reasons it's so important to have a good story to tell. If I had a bad experience at that store, I'd probably be sharing it - a lot. That does the store no good and could possibly cause them to lose current and potential customers.

However, I had a good experience - one I've chosen to share a lot. It may cause them to gain customers. The experience has definitely helped them keep a current customer.

We all know it's less expensive to keep current customers than it is to bring on new customers. Good customer service is simply good, cost effective business.

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