Make It Happen

At a meeting today I was speaking with a gentleman who has a great idea for a program. We had talked about it before and I had offered some suggestions. Today he was filling me in on where he wasn't, if you will. He told me what he had learned - that a law had been passed to make such a program mandatory by 2010. He also stated that one of our state officials wanted to speed up the timeline. He then said that he should email that official.

I asked him when he was going to and he hedged. I offered the following:

Things don't happen because you want them to happen.
Things happen because you make them happen.

And, again, I asked him when he would email the official.

You see so many of us are filled with desire. We know what we want. We can even picture it. So, why is it a lot of people get stuck fulfilling that dream?

Because for some reason they fail to act. They get overwhelmed with the details. They're afraid of failing. They aren't sure what steps to take. They become frustrated with the knowledge that they WANT a thing to happen, but are unable to MAKE it happen.

How in the world do they find their way out?

The answer depends on the reason they're stuck. If they are overwhelmed with the details, they can start by making a list of all the detail steps and then whittling away at them one by one.

If they are afraid of failing, they could solicit the help of a coach or counselor to identify why that is and discover ways to alleviate the fear.

If they aren't sure what steps to take, they can ask other people in that field; people who have succeeded in some fashion. They can ask teachers, coaches, professionals for input and advice. People love to feel needed and to be asked for help.

These are simple and easy steps to take to start the journey toward that dream. And, every dream is worth the journey.

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